The Town (2017)
Published in 2017 by Brow Books.
Published August 16, 2018 by Faber & Faber.
Coming February 2020 by FSG in US.
Later by Buchet/Chastel at Libella in France.
Later by Blumenbar in Germany.
Later by Literatura Random House in Spain.
Later by Hayakawa in Japan.
Later by Koppernik in the Netherlands.

The End of Trolleys (2016)
Short story.
Distributed as a zine.

Erica From Sales (2015)
Short story.
Distributed as a zine.

The Coffee Table (2014)
Short story.
Published in Meanjin, Volume 73, Number 2
Published in The Best Australian Short Stories 2014, edited by Amanda Lohrey

The Arrivals (2013)
Collection of short stories about disappearing towns.
Distributed as a zine.