My dear friend Anwen Crawford is publishing a book soon.

I know only a few key sharable facts about Anwen’s book. It was long in gestation. It was written by a writer that I will follow in any direction.

That last point is not a fact. But her book existing as a text I can read will be a notable event in my life.

Often in my life, when I have a thought, I think: what would Anwen think about this.

Wayne Macauley on Gerald Murnane

“…the idea came to me that the flow or energy of my ideal story or novel would feel something like a traceur doing parkour or Buster Keaton in a chase. A course to navigate, a sense of smooth and inexorable forward motion through it and a series of swift and subtle changes in direction and dynamic along the way.”

Troth – Flaws in the Glass

A beautiful LP by my Newcastle friends Cooper and Amelia. Very highly recommended.

“Writing a book is such a complicated, long-term, difficult process that all of the possible motives that can funnel in will, and a great many of those motives will be base. If you can transform your particular baseness into something beautiful, that’s about the best you can make of your own obnoxious nature.” William Gass